“Reimpressions” by Ana Catarina Pinho

© Ana Catarina Pinho, Reimpressions, 2020-ongoing. Unknown photographer, circa 1945. From the artist's photography collection.

© Ana Catarina Pinho, Reimpressions, 2020-ongoing.
Unknown photographer, circa 1945.
From the artist’s photography collection.

© Ana Catarina Pinho, Reimpressions, 2020-ongoing. 3 channel video installation, b&w, mute, loop.

Reimpressions is the first chapter of a wider investigation on photographic images, memory, representation and discourse. This ongoing visual essay explores vernacular photographies and its potential towards reframing pre-established categories, knowledge regimes and discursive reconstructions.

Ana Catarina Pinho is a visual artist and researcher in the field of photography, visual culture, and documentary. She holds degrees in Art and Communication and in Fine Arts (Painting) and an MA in Documentary Photography and Cinema.

She is currently a research fellow for the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, developing a PhD at the European Centre for Documentary Research at the University of South Wales (UK) on the dynamics among visual archives, historical narrative and collective memory, through archival appropriation and performative practices in contemporary art, focusing on the appropriation of visual documents from the Portuguese Empire.

Ana Catarina’s artistic work combines documentary and fictional strategies, often examining the way reality is perceived in regard to its representation and meaning construction.

Ana Catarina is the founding director of ARCHIVO, an independent research platform that focuses on photography and visual culture with which Image & Peace has established a partnership.

More information about the artist is available on her personal webpage:

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