Friends & Supporters

Friends and supporters share our interest in the visualization of peace and believe in the peace potentialities of visual images. They are invited to contribute to the website by submitting commentary, blog posts or images.

(c) tbc

David Shim
Senior Lecturer
University of Groningen
Institutional Website

Debbie Lisle_Pic
(c) Queen’s University Belfast 2018

Debbie Lisle
Queen’s University Belfast
Institutional Website

Oliver Richmond_pic
(c) The University of Manchester

Oliver Richmond
The University of Manchester
Institutional Website

(c) OVGU Magdeburg

Alexander Spencer
Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
Institutional Website

We do not claim copyright for these photographs as they have been provided by our friends and supporters. We invite the copyright holders to contact us so that we can add copyright information to the photographs.