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(c) Queen’s University Belfast

Debbie Lisle is a professor in politics and international relations at Queen’s University Belfast.

Debbie’s research engages with a number of contemporary debates in International Relations, International Political Sociology and beyond, most notably around issues of difference, mobility, security, travel, visuality, governmentality, biopolitics, materiality, technology, practice and power.

Her earlier work explores the relevance of cultural and visual artifacts (e.g. contemporary travel writing, museum exhibits, photographs, art, war films) to world politics, and argues that the cultural realm tells as much about International Relations as the official documents usually privileged in this context.

Debbie is interested in how war is represented across visual and cultural realms. Her recent work has examined the encounters that tourists have in sites of war, war exhibitions and war museums, and she is currently involved in museum efforts to think critically and creatively about how to represent the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

More recently, Debbie has become interested in how visualities of war operate at the more-than-representational register, for example, how visual technologies are productive of war and conflict (e.g. drones, surveillance, governmentality).