Imageandpeace.com is a platform designed for anyone interested in the role of visual culture in peace and peace processes. It is the main online outlet for our academic research, uniting the academic projects Visual Peace, Peace Photography and Peace Videography. Imageandpeace.com is a forum for active interaction, dialogue and engagement among peace researchers and image makers. To this end, we will publish on this website selected works of visual art, both solicited and unsolicited, on the subject of peace. We will also invite such academic contributions as commentary, reviews and short essays. Thus, imageandpeace.com addresses researchers, artists and everyone who wants to share thoughts and ideas on the question of how to build peace with images. We encourage artists and researchers to participate by sharing their personal visions of peace. You can find more information on how to participate here.

Behind imageandpeace.com are Frank Möller and Rasmus Bellmer. The website started as part of a research project funded by Kone Foundation. Frank is based in Tampere, Finland, Rasmus lives and works in Berlin, Germany.