New Publication: “Interactive peace imagery – integrating visual research and peace education” with Journal of Peace Education

Venturing into peace education, we have written an article titled Interactive Peace Imagery – Integrating Visual Research and Peace Education. The article is now available in Journal of Peace Education.

In the article, we introduce Interactive Peace Imagery (IPI) as a teaching tool utilizing digitization and active interaction in order for students to learn to appreciate and capitalize on the plurality of meanings that visual images always carry with them. By means of IPI, students learn to reflect upon their socializations, including visual ones, without which image interpretation cannot be fully explained.

Furthermore, in IPI images serve as vehicles with which to think about politics, culture, society, and peace and the subject positions conditioning each person’s performance within these wider cultural and political configurations.

Interactive Peace Imagery (IPI) © Frank Möller/Rasmus Bellmer

We illustrate IPI with reference to selected works of art produced for and show that through active interaction (seeing – changing – sharing) in a non-hierarchic teaching environment, students learn among other things to understand their responsibility for both the image and the knowledge claims derived from it.

The OnlineFirst version of the article can be accessed here.