ImageandPeace_Logo wishes Happy Holidays!

2020 is coming to an end. This has certainly been an exceptional year. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, was launched during this year’s summer. 

Our personal highlights are two fantastic artworks displayed on this website: ‘Between violence and peace’ by Shihab Chowdhury and ‘Sarajevo Roses and Clouds of June’ by Sheung Yiu and Samra Šabanović. While ‘Between violence and peace’ engages with the aftermath of the Finnish Civil War, ‘Sarajevo Roses and Clouds of June’ addresses the role of photography in recent waves of mass protests and social activism. These portfolios cover a variety of issues in connection with the visualisation of peace and both do so in an aesthetically appealing and thought provoking manner. We are honoured to cooperate with these fantastic creative minds. At this point, we are excited to receive further artistic submissions that extend that perspective even more. 

Moreover, we want to thank David Shim, Debbie Lisle, Oliver Richmond, and Alexander Spencer for joining as Friends & Supporters. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with these distinguished and creative thinkers. 

Don’t miss to visit us again in 2021. Further artworks will be introduced during the year. We will also continue providing exciting information on the intersection of visual culture and peace: interesting literature, exhibitions or events, stay tuned on the latest developments. Subscribe to our newsletter to not miss any updates.

We hope that you like and are grateful whenever you spread the word about it. We also invite you to get in touch with us directly and are grateful for emails.

For you as well as your family and friends, we wish you a pleasant turn of the year. Stay healthy!