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Oliver Richmond is a professor of international relations and peace and conflict studies at the University of Manchester. His primary area of expertise is in peace and conflict theory, and in particular its inter-linkages with IR theory. He is currently working on a book entitled Peace in the 21st Century. This study examines the evolution of the different strategies for maintaining international order in contemporary history and engages with new questions about peace and war raised in the digital era.

He is also leading on a major research project on the ‘Art of Peace’ about community devised arts based peacebuilding.

His previous work was on peace formation and its relation to state formation, statebuilding, and peacebuilding.

This area of interest grew out of his work on local forms of critical agency and resistance, and their role in constructing hybrid or post-liberal forms of peace and states, as well as earlier conflict resolution and conflict management debates in IR, including international mediation, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, and state formation debates.