Website launch: Exploring the link between visual culture and peace

We are proud to announce the launch of the new website The website is designed as a hub for researchers, artists, and everyone interested in the role of visual culture in peace, peace processes and mediation.

This website will be the main online outlet for our project Peace Videography, funded by Kone Foundation.

As part of Peace Videography, we regularly invite young visual artists to create an image of peace, to be shown on this website.

Following the publication of these peace images, we will encourage the website’s visitors to interact with these artworks by looking at them, changing them, and resubmitting them.

In addition, we will ask notable scholars/practitioners in visual peace research to submit commentaries, essays, images, and blog posts in order to establish dialogue on the visualization of peace.

Last but not least, we will share information on events, exhibitions, and literature on the visual dimensions of peace on

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